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#57 Roswell Mazda Miata. Turner Field-Atlanta Aug 20, 2000 Photo by John Swain The most feared autocross Miata in  Atlanta... Rosemont Horizon, Chicago IL 1995.

Welcome. You have entered the Miata racecar content portal and infomediary. Here you will find aggregate and detail information for the preparation and setup of Miata race cars.

This site is targeted to not only Miata autocrossers but the organized racing community such as SCCA IT/EP and Motorola Cup as well. All preparation and modifications are installed, tested and objectively reviewed by the author and a team of associate contributors.

#57 Mazda Miata. Turner Field-Atlanta March 24, 2002 Photo by John Swain

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Miata suspension

1.8 conversion article from Jan/Feb '97 issue of Grassroots Motorsports(with updates)

Question/Answer about flowmeter replacement

Recipe for cheap (and not so cheap) HP.

Mazda 4 cylinder history and interchange guide.

Miata LSD answers.

Miata drivetrain interchange guide.

Miata Fuel and Engine Electronic systems interchange Guide.

Miata Gearhead Links.

Reference Materials.

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