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rent increases are lame.

Jen, Melissa and Matt, greetings. I hope all's well with the three of you. As you're aware your lease for 1349 E. Capitol Street expires 11/30/2007 and I assume you three are happy with the house and plan to continue renting. Your new rent will increase $50 per person per month, so that It helps cover the increase in property taxes and also the new high rates for water and sewer. I will mail in the next few days your new lease agreement which takes effective 12/1/2007. Please look it over, and if you are fine with it, sign it and mail it back to me. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.



Dear KC,

We rented this house in 2005 at $2750 per month as an expensive proposition. Last year, we grudgingly accepted the $100 per month rent increase and re-signed the lease for another year. Now the proposed total monthly rent is $3000.

We cannot afford to increase our rent by $150 per month for another whole year. However, we would be willing to accept a shorter month-to-month lease at the increased rent cost. If that is unacceptable, we would be willing to accept half of the rent increase ($75 per month) for a half year (six months) lease term as an alternative.

matt notes:
or we could just give the 150/6mo. deal and hope for the best. 
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