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General Info

De-icers tend to be mixes of constituents that do not freeze, are somewhat volatile, and mildly lubricious. These aid in melting the ice, reducing residue from the de-icer, and helping the ice break free of the substrate.

Below is a version of a de-icer based on some minimal research of commericial de-icers, in particular 1Z (Einszett) De-Icer's MSDS. Most of these products use similar ingredients to off-the-shelf washer fluid, namely: methanol, ethylene glycol, and glycerin. My goal was to create a cheap-to-make version that is more environmentally friendly than the commercially available products.

Example Materials


While sort of a joke, I believe you could probably fine tune a mixture of simple household (my household) products to achieve the results of the 1Z product.


(Prototype Receipe.. may need augmentation)

in a 32oz spray bottle:

  • 10 oz. PROPYLENE glycol antifreeze (i.e. "safe", non toxic, not the EG stuff)
  • 8 oz. of the cheapest, strongest hooch you can find (I have the 95% alcohol everclear)
  • 12 oz. of distilled water
  • 2 oz. of glycerin (available pretty easily)
    or 1 oz dish soap


You may have to adjust the alcohol/water ratios if you get a lower proof. ie if you get 80 proof, use no water and 20 oz of alcohol.

I'm guessing on the glycerin content but I think it's partly for lubrication. I bet you could replace it with a half oz or so of ONR.

It might be fun to try, cheap, and much less toxic than what's out there.